Welcome to the LegalServer API Suite

LegalServer APIs from 2020 and earlier are available under the Legacy APIs - Public workspace below.

LegalServer is currently working on a more refined API setup on the roadmap for 2021. This is the LegalServer Core API that you may see references to occasionally.

Getting Started

There is a help article about Getting Started available as part of our Legacy APIs.

Feel free to also reach out to the LegalServer SiteAdmins email list (to join email siteadmins+subscribe@legalserver.org) or the LegalServer API Integration email list (to join email api_integration+subscribe@legalserver.org) for feedback, ideas, and brainstorming from other LegalServer clients. This is a great place to get ideas on what is currently being used by LegalServer clients.

Reports API

Please remember if you are looking to get data out of LegalServer, there is also our Reports API. This ties directly into specific reports and can be enabled on your site. The help article on Reports API explains it in more depth. The Reports API is separate from our API documentation since it interacts directly with the Reports and is configured from one report to another.


For support using LegalServer's APIs, contact support@legalserver.org.

If you are looking to get started utilizing these APIs and need the assistance of LegalServer Support to understand the options and limits of what is available (or are considering paying for additional development to add new fields, parameters, or features), please reach out to support@legalserver.org with a description of your project. We'll set up a short introductory call where we can scope the work requested and can setup a Change Order, Project Proposal, or Quote as necessary.


All LegalServer APIs are currently available for free. This is subject to change and any changes will be announced here and on the SiteAdmins listserv.

For dedicated troubleshooting, one on one work with a support staffer, or custom development, it may be necessary to reach out to LegalServer sales to reserve a bundle of support hours. Please reach out to support@legalserver.org with details of your proposed project to start the process.